Aptos Research, a "easier DYOR" platform from the creator of Cronos Research

Project Name / Organization:
Aptos Research

Becoming the largest DeFi and NFT Directory on Aptos including various tools and resources to provide easier “Do Your Own Research” and navigation through the Aptos ecosystem

Project description:
My name is Hajedan and I am owner and only developer of CronosResearch.com, currently largest directory of projects on Cronos with various tools and resources like RPC list or so far on Cronos unique NFT Analytics

Today, I have decided to bring this to Atpos, you can find me at @ResearchAptos on Twitter :slightly_smiling_face:

Launch will be as soon as I gather data about known projects, if you would like to see what to expect, you can check the current Cronos platform at the link at the bottom🤭

Aside of that there will be SOON open application form for listings so keep your eyes peeled open :eyes:

Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline:
Expected launch is in upcoming days for the directories, once all data about known projects will be gathered, including opening of the listing application form

Team Skills, Experience & Motivation:
One guy. That’s it. After running successfuly for 8 months Cronos Research with directory, tools, news and, most important, investigations about malicious projects, I have decided to expand to another chain after gathering the experience and knowledge.

Technical Architecture:
The Cronos Research platform runs mainly on standard backend database, while, for example, NFT Analytics or NFT Mint Stats run on top of marketplace API. There are plans for the future for more useful tools, yet it is understandable that it is hard given fact I run the platform solo, on my own funds.

Key Risks & Challenges:
In terms of risks, there is ZERO risk towards Aptos users as the platform WILL BE FREE TO USE, just as Cronos Research is.

In terms of challenges, main challenge is to keep an eye on ALL KNOWN PROJECTS, which is something I need to work with :slight_smile:

Main aspects of the platform:

NFT Directory - see all known projects at one place with the most vital information like launch dates, prices, mint states, social links and contract addresses

DeFi Directory - see all known projects at one place with the same information as above, including ability to filter by Security (Audit, KYC) or category (DEX, Marketplace etc.)

Investigations - based on the reports, expect Aptos Research to look deeply into the issue and not being afraid to pin point malicious projects, always containing propper tag about the state with description of the decissions

NFT Analytics - future plan to bring NFT Analytics, a long-term historical overview into the NFT project floor, sales, lisitngs or volume

News - mainly on Twitter, “just in time” news provided for the Aptos Community is terms of chain or projects

And much more, just depending on the utilisation of the platform :slight_smile:

I am looking forward at @ResearchAptos Twitter profile, coming soon. If you are curious what has to come, you are more than welcome to check out www.cronosresearch.com to have a sneak on what has to come :heart:


I’m checking it out right away. And I’m expecting the twitter link please.


Wow :hushed:

This also a nice and welcoming initiative on the network, hope to see you get all the necessary tools, equipment and info to get everything organized in place for the Aptos community :clap:


Sounds like good take as long as you stay authentic , transparent and focused with your research at all times, the communities will be glad.


Good luck . the community will be glad, put more effort in your research await the valid data