Aptos Quiz: let's test our knowledge

Lets check our knowledge about Aptos and take a Quiz!
This is the link to the Aptos Quiz: https://forms.gle/GnwA3fi6WyXrs5vRA
Please, use #aptos, #aptosquiz hashtags and post your results on Twitter!
Let’s learn about the project and check our knowledge!
The main idea of this quiz is to educate community about the project and engage the community!


haha I didn’t peek, I decided to make an Aptos Quiz and was surprised that everything was right :joy: My tweet: https://twitter.com/web3tyan/status/1553680953322749953?s=21&t=WQVispcu94E0IOc2Bblimw

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awesome results! thanks for taking part and sharing it on Twitter! :smiling_face:
we will keep it up!

great! thank you for your participation! :smiling_face:

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Neat initiative! Are you planning to create more quizzes over time?

Do it! Nice idea, can we add more soon?

Yeeeahh, first try! Thank yo for this, more quiz, please xD

nice quiz. I liked it :slightly_smiling_face:


5/5, done! When new qusation to quiz? Nice idea!

I like the Quiz! Well done Mary.

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Sounds really interesting and fun😄. Would more people join if they are Incentivized? Or people might abuse the reward system?

hi everyone, thank you very much for your interest! I am very glad that all of you got all the questions right!
Yes, i am planning to work on more quizzes! Stay tuned!
thank you very much for your interest!

so glad to hear that, thanks for participation!

thanks for participation!
will work on new quizzes! :smiling_face:

thank you!

yes, definitely! thanks!

thank you :smiling_face:

glad you liked it!
soon, there will be more :smiling_face:

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