Aptos price analysis: APT moves towards bearish dynamics at $8.45 –

Aptos price analysis shows that the APT is currently in a downtrend as the price has been trading between $8.37 and $8.73 over the past few 24 hours. The long-term trend appears to remain bearish, as it has not been able to break its resistance at $10.7968 and is currently trading below the $8.45 level. The bears have been able to control the market as they have pushed the price below the resistance level. The digital asset is currently in a downward trend and does not seem to be making any significant gains anytime soon. The strong bearish pressure could lead to further downside in the near future. However, if the bulls are able to gather some momentum and push the APT price above the $10.7968 resistance level, then it could trigger a new uptrend in the market.

The link above gives more insights,do well to read more and stay safe as the market has been bad.

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