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Examples of sayings about Aptos in social networks

Aptos was mentioned in 1,311 out of 137,001 posts on Twitter and Reddit on Jun 20. 2023. This is 11.38% more than yesterday. In addition, 89 unique users write about Aptos, this asset ranks 38th in terms of the number of mentions and actions in the collected publications. Over the past 24 hours, the average sentiment towards Aptos across all social networks is 3.3 out of 5. Finally, Aptos has become more mentioned in the news: the number of publications about Aptos was 1. The number of news is 0% more than yesterday.

Aptos is mostly neutral on Twitter. Aptos was 27.03% bullish and 13.51% bearish. The share of tweets about Aptos with a neutral attitude is 59.46%. The statistics are based on 39 tweets.

Aptos has been mentioned in 1 post on Reddit. The number of comments about Aptos is 0. On average, Reddit posts had more upvotes than downvotes, and comments also had more upvotes than downvotes.


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