Aptos NFT research

I would like to write today about the guys who actively write about NFT on Aptos, there are not very many of them, I would be very happy if you share your findings. I found one very interesting guy, he gives aptos calls, one of them is aptos alpha phoenix, fp was 3 aptos, i fixed when the price in the secondary market was 11 aptos, now the collection shows not very good floor price. I’ll leave a link for those who are interested.


I like this collection. It was created by the guys from RobinHood DAO. But now its price has dropped very much :cry:


Oooh, very promising collection, cool guys are behind it, I am the holder of 8 pictures.:grin: if anyone is interested https://twitter.com/AlphaPhoenixNFT


It’s a pity that many really good projects doesn’t get enought atention from nft community because of dump! But i think now it is smart to buy some good nfts for good prices

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This project have a very strong community✊🏻

Then we need to put it forth

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dont like this collection

Why? what didn’t you like about it?


Yes, i agree! It is a future

Please expanciate more

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Hadn’t heard of this collection, I’ll look into it.

Okay better

Project is good, but not for me)

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But why please


What about new projects?

great Super !!!

who’s waiting for rekt dogs?:smile::smile::smile:

It’s when we are waiting for News

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I prefer better quality nft projects.

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