Aptos news now!

1/ The future of identity is Web3—and Aptos Labs is partnering with @Mastercard to make that future a reality with Mastercard Crypto Credential, an on-chain identity and verification framework with a variety of applications in payments, remittances, ticketing, and NFTs!

2/ As a Mastercard Crypto Credential partner, Aptos Labs will support the infrastructure for identity, security, trust, and verification tools that enable the free flow of funds between individuals and across borders.
3/ The Mastercard Crypto Credential pilot kicks off with remittances sent between the United States and Latin America and Caribbean countries.

Our goal @AptosLabs: Expand from here to provide identity solutions to folks around the world!
4/ Beyond payments, our partnership with Mastercard will continue to expand the utility of identity-oriented Web3 solutions to use cases like NFTs, ticketing, enterprise, and more – so stay tuned
5/ For more info on our Mastercard Crypto Credential partnership :point_down:

Contact : junior003t@gmail.com


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