Aptos News: Explore Aptos Ecosystem Projects

Project Name / Organization

Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.

  • Aptos News is the exhibition center for all the projects build on Aptos, which is currently based on notion, or you can log in to our website, link: https://www.aptos.news.

  • As of today, Aptos News Notion has recorded 242 Aptos ecosystem projects, including 10 views, namely All (all projects), Latest (latest projects), Hot (hot projects), Test (projects being tested), Wallet, DEX, DeFi, Web3, NFT & MemeCoin, Game & Metaverse.

  • We provide the most comprehensive information about each project, including: project sort, testing or coming, twitter, discord, website, etc. We use many years of project research experience to grade the projects, with a total of five grades, which are convenient for users to screen projects.

Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem

  • We hope to provide a more convenient and credible way for all users who follow the Aptos ecosystem to discover projects. Through the aggregation of information and the use of tools, everyone does not need to search on Twitter or Google, but can clearly see the projects of the Aptos ecosystem by logging on to our website and following our Twitter list.

Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline

  • Milestone1: 2022 Q3
  1. Create a discord community.
  2. Guidelines for developing multilingual versions.
  3. Improve the information of the projects already included.
  4. Add a test tutorial for a test project.
  • Milestone2: 2022 Q4
  1. Migrate the project from notion to the website.
  2. Add Upcoming NFT information function.

Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation

  • Aptos News is an open source project, we hope to have more people to join us to improve this project, but also hope to have more valuable suggestions to us, if you are interested, committed to exploring the Aptos ecology of the excellent project, can Twitter DM me, my Twitter:@AptosNews1.

This is a one of the great project on aptos ecosystem.


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