Aptos’ new proposal makes cheaper transactions

Aptos has released a new proposal AIP-17 which makes transacting on the network cheaper by significantly increasing gas efficiency.

According to the protocol, “users will see a 100x improvement in execution gas usage with 90% of transactions seeing at least a 10x improvement.”

“Aptos introduced gas-efficient data structures through smart vectors and smart tables, plus improvements to the storage footprint through how we handle Move resources.”

Several protocols within the ecosystem acknowledged the development, noting how users’ experiences have improved.

In an April 10 tweet, Aptos partnered with blockchain security firms like Otter Sec, Halborn Security, and Move Bit to perform “rigorous” network testing. According to the protocol, the testing led to crucial improvements across its type safety, Move VM, and the Aptos framework code.


everyone will be use Aptos soon

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