Aptos network update

Aptos network has been quite busy lately, pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology with some exciting new developments! Here’s a glimpse into the latest advancements:

Scalability and Performance Breakthroughs:

  • Previewnet Achievements: The recent previewnet, concluded in November 2023, showcased impressive scalability and performance improvements. They achieved:
    • Peak of 30,000 transactions per second (TPS): This marks a significant milestone in Aptos’ journey towards its ambitious goal of exceeding 1 million TPS.
    • 25,000 sustained TPS for hours: This demonstrates the network’s ability to handle high transaction loads consistently.
    • 2 billion transactions processed within 24 hours: This highlights the network’s potential for large-scale applications.
    • Minting over 1 million limited edition NFTs in 90 seconds: This showcases Aptos’ efficiency in handling NFT transactions.
  • Targeting 100k TPS: Building on the previewnet’s success, Aptos is now aiming to achieve 100,000 TPS as the next major milestone. This ambitious target underlines their commitment to building a network capable of serving billions of users.

Move Language Enhancements:

  • Aggregators: A new Move feature called Aggregators allows parallel execution of smart contracts even in the presence of read-write conflicts. This significantly improves the efficiency and throughput of smart contract execution on the Aptos network.

Other noteworthy updates:

  • Aptos Foundation Grants: The Aptos Foundation is actively supporting the development of the Aptos ecosystem through grants and initiatives. This fosters innovation and attracts new talent to the network.
  • Growing DeFi and NFT Ecosystem: The Aptos network is witnessing rapid growth in its DeFi and NFT ecosystems, with new projects and applications launching regularly. This bodes well for the network’s adoption and usage.

Overall, Aptos is making significant strides towards its goal of becoming a leading Layer 1 blockchain platform. The recent advancements in scalability, performance, and smart contract execution are laying the foundation for widespread adoption in the future.

I hope this gives you a good overview of what’s new in the Aptos network. If you’d like to delve deeper into any specific aspect, feel free to ask!


Aptos continues to impress with its high-quality developments and strong, consistent success towards excellence. Aptos remains the top choice, consistently dazzling us with its remarkable achievements.

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