Aptos Names / domain name purchase

How can I buy domain names?
5 apt is too much from aptosnames . com

Someone is selling domain names under 1 apt. How is he creating these names so cheap?


I will look into that

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Someone is definitely exploiting Aptos code.

Aptosnames does not allow for decimals in domain names. Someone is creating these domain names for free and selling them cheaply. Have a look at Bluemove & Topaz marketplaces.

Something is def wrong here if that’s the case.

the same question. But I need to buy 20 apts

I want to buy 4 domain name

I want to buy domain ,but there is always the mistake ,I can log in tne Martian Wallet ,but why say so ? (not found)

apt.id is giving error under testnet as well although the prices are cheap compared to aptosnames

5 apt per name is too much

Who kows any alternative DNS sellers, not AptosNames?
Its not works, but i wanna to buy some names to use it.
If i understand correctly, if i buy it on marktplace i cant use it, its only NFT

Try Move Name Service (MNS)

Also note that as of Nov 12 2022 there will be a price increase for names.

And yes you can use a domain bought on the marketplace to the fullest extent.