Aptos moving/badge collection

I’m seeing a big move on aptos …how can one get badge on this platform


Hello @twinyk welcome to this amazing forum.
You are now one of the Aptos community.
You are at level 1(basic user),it’s easy to trust your next level 2(member),
Just you must interact more.
Spend more time on the forum(minimum 15 days), read more, and engage in discussions on different topics.
Give :heart: to the posts you like and receive more.
Poste new topics about Aptos
This will enable you to progress to a higher level.
You can read the instructions here for each levels.

Good luck for you


Of course let keep going


Just stay active in the forums and contribute sensibly to the discussions.

Here’s some info on how to get level 3. Best of luck: Trust level THREE - #4 by trantien0909


Be active. Let’s keep grinding. Wagmi

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The forum don’t use badges anymore but rather trust level