Aptos Monkeys - Big Review

Aptos Monkeys. Future NFT Leader on Aptos

Hello Aptos community!
In this topic I would like to introduce you to such a wonderful project as Aptos Monkeys. So, let’s get started :mag_right:

Aptos Monkeys is a cute collection of Monkeys with Jungle vibes looking to live on the Aptos Blockchain.

The project began its development at the dawn of the Aptos testnet and even then made a lot of noise in the ecosystem. I still remember the excitement and the wild flow of emotions that reigned then in the discord. An incredible number of activities were carried out by the team: test fruit mint on Topaz, evening poker, collaborations with ecosystem projects and influencers, different giveaways, many meetings, AMAs, Twitter Spaces with the community and many many other events. The team proved to be worthy throughout the Aptos testnet, continuing to impress most people with their quality and performance already on the mainnet!


Aptos Monkeys is one of the most productive NFT collections on Aptos, which, after the launch of the project in the Aptos mainnet, has not ceased to please us with new content and useful products for the ecosystem. Let’s go through the main achievements of the project.

→ Website

Aptos Monkeys have its own website, where you can find more details about the collection, its vision and even check legendary NFTs of their collection, coming from collaborations !

→ Rafflor

Let’s salute His Majesty Rafflor!
The first onchain NFT raffle system already live on Mainnet! Participants can submit their NFTs for the draw by setting a minimum number of tickets and their cost per draw. Buying tickets, each participant has a chance to win the raffled NFT. The more tickets, the more chances! (By the way, holders of Aptos Monkeys NFT have a 10% discount for each ticket and reduced fees :eyes:). Available for all members of Aptos ecosystem !

→ Own Lore

The collection has its own lore, which continues to develop and fragments of which you can find on the official social media of the project !

→ Regular Сontests and Events

In addition to technological breakthroughs, the Aptos Monkeys team continues to delight its audience with no less interesting contests, where everyone can try to win valuable prizes !

Take part in «Secret Monkey» Event !

→ Exclusive Giveaways

The team does a lot of collaborations with various projects and even gives away their own exclusive products on some holidays (like this Halloween monkey) !

Just look ! You could be whitelisted for Spooks NFT just by holding your cute Aptos Monkey NFT

→ SubDAOs

Various sub DAOs were formed by the project, where each participant who has NFT with certain traits will be able to participate in the life of one of the DAOs, having funding and some cool perspectives!

→ Town Hall

Regular gathering of the community and team to talk and ask questions.
You have no one to talk to, bored? Frustrated by the current state of affairs and major setbacks in an already bad market? Run to Town Hall, there is always a kind and cozy atmosphere, mutual support and positive vibes only !

→ Monkeys Newsletter

Do you want to be aware of all the latest high-profile news on Aptos, as well as learn about the latest events of the Aptos Monkey project? Then the “Monkeys Newsletter” is for you.
The “Monkey’s News” is the official newsletter of Aptos Monkey’s news, community events, reports, and many more. It aims to provide newcomers and interested parties with a brief overview of the current progress, recent engagements, plans of Aptos Monkeys, and some news about other projects on Aptos.

And you still doubt in Monkeys after all of these I’ve highlighted above???

Ahhh, NGMI. Let’s continue then…


Of course, I could not forget about the upcoming innovations and useful things that the team is already working on and which will be presented for use not only to the holders of the collection, but also to all participants in the Aptos ecosystem!

So what’s coming next ?

  • Lendor - Instant liquidity for NFT loan pools

  • Alertor - NFT floor alert systems in collaboration with Wallet partners

  • Jungler - NFT DAO tooling/voting systems with forum capabilities.

  • Palette - Auction systems for 1/1 artists

  • Echo - Hmmm, what could it be :thinking: :smirk:? (Let me know your guesses in the comments :point_down:)

Detailed Roadmap:

Just Have a look at what’s coming, my dear readers !

Sounds interesting, right ? And imagine, this is only the start !


In my opinion, Aptos Monkeys is a project with great prospects and potential to become a leader in the field of Aptos NFT. Many NFT projects on Aptos collected money from Aptos enthusiasts and stopped working, or completely closed projects and left the industry. However, Aptos Monkeys, despite the poor market conditions, remained with the community, continuing to deliver useful products not only for their NFT holders, but also for the Aptos ecosystem. A lot has been done and developed already, and this is just the beginning! Grandiose plans, impeccable execution, great feedback from the community, endless enthusiasm and kindness. The project looks very strong and will surely continue to delight its fans as it does now !

Not Financial Advise


→ Team

As for the team, who are these hardworking cuties?
There are 6 official members of AM team, doing their excellent job every day.

→ Social Media and Holders Statistics

→ Statistics on the Collection

By 11th December the collection has reached 364.000 APT volume (AMAZING), having a floor price of 12.7 APT.

Sources and useful Links:

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Unfortunately, that’s all for now, I hope you liked this article and you didn’t get bored. I was glad to tell you about such a wonderful project on Aptos as Aptos Monkey. I wish them further development in such difficult times for us !

Stay tuned! The topic can be updated in the future :wink: Momba!

Love you all :heart:


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