Aptos & microsoft

Aptos is very aggressive and rapidly developing, for me personally it is the top 3 coin. There is a huge amount of work done behind the team and the project, they know how to show the level.

I expect a price of 9-10 dollars by the middle of winter


aptos and microsoft its huge!


Aptos will be huge

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That’s a good signal . If you read carefully the tech news…
TradFi getting in mining companies
TradFi willing to get ETF
TradFi creating Subsidiaries dedicated on Crypto assets for consumers
Tradfi owning some crypto assets
TradTech onboarding Crypto entities
TradTech integrating Crypto features
Gvt discussing with key Crypto Entities (Polygon, XRP, …) about CBDC (CBDC itself not a good news, but relationship between those guys means that the word “crypto” is no more blacklisted)
… the list would be long…
Mass adoption is setting up !


ye, i agree with you

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the fact that Blackrock is entering the space is a huge, you know they own the world ?


its a wild ride to Mars guys, get ready

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yeah, let’s hope so.

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