Aptos Meme/Art in Paint Contest

I would like to propose my idea of making a contest (draw a meme/art in Paint) :art:
The task is to draw something related to Aptos Labs in paint, it can be a meme or art.

Anyone who want to be active can take part in this contest :handshake:

The task for participation:
1)Your work must be published on Twitter or another social network
2) Use hashtags such as #Aptos #Aptoslabs #Aptospaint and don’t forget to tag the @AptosLabs
3)Not to draw anything obscene

At the end of the month, whose work gets the most likes here will be considered the best work
Let’s do something creative and fun, it will unite us!
I’ll start first and here’s my work - https://twitter.com/evgenij12138196/status/1568101142663397376


Pretty fun contest :grin: I will do one paint work soon

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My AptoPepe hahaha


I like this Aptos Pepe :rocket:

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Of course, this is a masterpiece :sunglasses:

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Here is my paint work


I didn’t get it either=( I’ll definitely get it next time =)

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Are you sure you drew this in Paint? =)

Nope​:face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: got it online

Wow so cool! :grinning::grinning:

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It is very cool!


Cmon guys. Where is your Paint Memes :grin:

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We are waiting