Aptos launches accelerator with Outlier Ventures

Few people know, but on February 23, 2023, Aptos is launching an accelerator with Outlier Ventures :rocket:

Web3 platform Audius has teamed up with TikTok
Audius, a Web3 music streaming platform, has added support for TikTok. This became known on Thursday. Thanks to the integration, new users will be able to create accounts on Audius by linking their TikTok profiles. They will be able to import their account, information and verification status. Additionally, users will share Audius songs on TikTok and thus expand Audius’ audience.

Audius is a decentralized music streaming platform that opens up new possibilities for musicians and sponsors. It eliminates the middleman and allows musicians to retain the copyright of their works. Audius does not take a share of the revenue. Music sponsors can receive up to 90% of revenue in AUDIO, which is the platform’s native token.

The Aptos Foundation is accepting applications to participate in the Aptos x Outlier Move accelerator. This is a face-to-face program that will be held at Aptos Labs headquarters in Palo Alto. Developers building applications using the Move language will have an advantage.

Aptos Foundation, behind the development of the Aptos protocol, a decentralized network and ecosystem. Aptos (APT) is a next-generation layer 1 blockchain that uses its proprietary Move programming language.

Web3 accelerators play an important role in the development of the ecosystem. They support early-stage startups by offering them funding, mentoring, and other resources.

If you are interested in hearing about projects built on the Aptos blockchain, please leave a comment, so I will understand that you are really interested in this topic :white_check_mark:


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