Aptos launch - is it scam?

Thinks about Aptos Launch🤨

At first glance, the project seemed like a gem that would bring a lot of profit. But this is only at first glance… Some guys from Farmer Crypto tg channel managed to get in touch with them and agree on a partnership + knock out a private allocation on my private account. Which in the end gave us the opportunity to learn more about the project… And it suc*s.

What did we learn?

:white_small_square:The first red flag… The team is 80% from the CIS. It does not apply to Aptos in any way. Apart from the name itself…

:white_small_square:The investor and partners are private… anonymous. No even 3/4 funds were brought into this garbage.

:white_small_square:Administrators of the project distribute allocations to everyone. They even text to you in DM “Well what? Will you take it?”

:white_small_square:They shout that it is the first and only Aptos launchpad… But no matter what… We already know at least 3/4 Aptos launchpads and they shout the same thing…

In short, this is terrible sh*t… Be carefoul and don’t even think about bringing money there

Their docs: https://doc.aptoslaunch.io/
Proof about team:

It is not a SCAM