Aptos Labs carries Web3 to Gaming with its new SDK for Solidarity designers

Gaming fans! Aptos Labs just dropped a major win for gaming development on Unity, the world’s leading platform for creating and growing real-time 2D and 3D content. We released the Aptos SDK — a new stack of gaming developer tools that enables interoperability and transparency within gaming. Aptos Labs joins 13 leading blockchain companies in providing Unity-verified resources as part of a new “Decentralization” section in the Unity Asset Store.

The Aptos SDK supports the next generation of blockchain-based gaming to provide gamers true and immutable ownership of in-game assets, the ability to port virtual goods, as well as purchase, liquidate, and trade game items.

Aptos Labs is excited to kick Aptos’ gaming momentum into high gear. Our availability in the Unity Asset Store expands network reach across the traditional gaming ecosystem.

Not only does Aptos’ presence in the Unity Asset Store cross-pollinate the Web3 movement into traditional gaming, but it’s a network achievement unto itself. The Aptos SDK marks another leap forward in gaming leadership within the Aptos ecosystem, joining big network wins like Aptos’ marquee [partnership with South Korea’s fastest growing game developer, NPIXEL] and groundbreaking demonstrations of asset portability during the network’s (first hackathon this year in Seoul)

Aptos Labs has the potential to frictionlessly onboard the world’s [3.2 billion gamers] to the Aptos network and build enthralling decentralized games. We’ll continue to push the movement forward and dive into Web3’s gaming frontier — stay tuned for more info on how Aptos Labs is showing up at this year’s Gaming Developer Conference (GDC) next month. Let’s revolutionize the gaming industry!

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