Aptos Labs and Coinbase Pay team up for Petra wallet’s latest fiat on-ramp

Millions of Coinbase users can now transact in the Aptos ecosystem with Petra’s new integration with Coinbase Pay.


  • Fiat onramps are low friction methods for users to onboard into Web3.
  • Coinbase Pay is now available on Petra for Desktop and Mobile.
  • With the Petra Wallet x Coinbase Pay integration, users have another seamless way to get APT and join the Aptos ecosystem. Web3 onboarding is easier than ever for billions across the world.

Aptos Labs and Coinbase Pay have teamed up to help bring billions of people into web3. Petra, the wallet from Aptos Labs, now features Coinbase Pay, Coinbase’s easy-to-use fiat on-ramp that makes exchanging value within the Aptos ecosystem super simple whether you’re using Petra on your mobile device or browser. With global payment options from PayPal to direct checking, now you can get APT–your way!

The Coinbase Pay fiat on-ramp comes as the next major step in Aptos Labs’ efforts to level up the web3 user experience. With Coinbase Pay, Coinbase users can add APT to Petra seamlessly through their choice of bank, debit card, credit card, and even their Coinbase account balance. We’re excited to welcome the next wave of Petra users via Coinbase’s community of millions.

Together, we’re proud to bring both Petra and Coinbase Pay communities the best web3 onboarding experience on Aptos!

For real-time updates on Coinbase Pay’s integration with the Aptos ecosystem, follow along via Aptos Labs and Petra’s social channels: Twitter, Discord, Discussion Forum.