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**APTOS** supports the rapid evolution of blockchain to provide optimized user experience for current and future use cases and to enable the integration of next-generation technological advances.

Move to Aptos
Together, Move and Aptos create a unique and developer-friendly environment for seamless construction and a home for innovators and creators. Move smart contracts are upgradeable and support secure evolution for all Aptos applications.

Interaction with the user comes first
Our team has built world-class, secure and scalable products and infrastructure used by billions of people with decades of experience working with millions of machines. We will continue to combine this knowledge with the ability to rapidly integrate new innovations such as the latest key recovery, scalable sharding solutions and intuitive parallel programming models to scale the user experience for the billions of people who will use web3.

Key technical innovations

A pipelined and modular approach to transaction processing

Block-STM is a new parallel execution mechanism for smart contracts, built on the principles of software transactional memory and optimistic parallelism management - this means faster transaction processing thanks to a new approach that is the foundation of Aptos.

AptosBFT Consensus
Today, the Aptos blockchain uses the latest iteration of AptosBFT (version 4), the first working optimistically responsive BFT consensus protocol. Consensus typically requires only two network routes (with round-trip times typically less than 300 milliseconds worldwide) and dynamically adapts to faulty validators using a leader reputation mechanism.

Decentralized flexibility for state synchronization

Home page for web3
A unique combination of focus on user experience, upgradeability, and cutting-edge technology makes Aptos a home for developers building apps for future generations.

There is already a robust ecosystem of hundreds of projects and hundreds of thousands of community members who have made Aptos their home.

We proudly support a wide range of use cases across NFT, gaming, commerce, social, media and entertainment. We are excited that the ecosystem will continue to create creative and innovative applications that will redefine industries and bring real value to users.

by @boby_cat

Thanks to the community and ecosystem, as well as the Aptos team, partners for creating technical rails and cultural spirit, where many developers already feel at home, and thanks to the community for testing and helping in the development of this project.


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