Aptos Infographic Contest (unofficial) September

August Contest Results

September contest topic: Move language features and advantages

This is ongoing challenge to create an infographic about the benefits of Aptos and the Move language, as well as current significant developments in the Aptosverse.

Anyone can take part in this competition.

The results will need to be published on social media and use the tags #aptos #aptoslabs #aptosgraphic and @aptoslabs tag.

The aim of the Challenge is to provide up-to-date information about Move language in a graphic form that is more vivid and easier to remember.

At the end of September, we’ll make a compilation of the most awesome works you’ve posted! Note that we’ll be searching for them using the hashtag #aptosgraphic


This will be an interesting campaign…the best will win

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Perfect! I entered your contest last time, I’ll enter this time too =) I’ll do something interesting this weekend =)


Maybe you want to take part in my contest too? =)
Aptos Meme/Art in Paint Contest

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Sure, I’ll try to prepare something. :+1:


As i said i will do something interesting for this Contest =) hope you all will enjoy this infographic about Move =) https://twitter.com/evgenij12138196/status/1569937796911210496

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