Aptos Infografic Contest

This will be an ongoing challenge to create an infographic about the benefits of Aptos and the Move language, as well as current significant developments in the Aptosverse.

Anyone can take part in this competition.

The results will need to be published on social media and use the tags #aptos #aptoslabs #aptosgraphic and @aptoslabs tag.

The aim of the Challenge is to provide up-to-date information about Apots in a graphic form that is more vivid and easier to remember.

At the end of August, we’ll make a compilation of the most awesome works you’ve posted! Note that we’ll be searching for them using the hashtag #aptosgraphic


I will be the first. How do you like my infographic? Are there any winners for this contest?


A great start. The contest will run until the end of August. Then it is planned to select the best works. :+1:

I have also prepared my own version.



Make sure that is not an official Infografic Contest!

Hey, guys, I’m in! How many tries total? Can I do more than one art?

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We are aiming for one quality work, but if it complements the current one in content, you can add to the current post.

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I did 🫶🏻 I take part! Here is my work :hugs:
Wait for the feedback :speech_balloon:

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great idea!
will try to participate since the deadline is end of August :innocent:

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Looking forward to your work! :wink:

Guys, we still have about 10 days until the end of the current contest. We’re waiting for your works! :rocket:

Check out some of my infographics

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Great idea I will take part too

It looks awesome. Thank you for participation! :+1:

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Waiting for your work! :upside_down_face:

Thanks man :fist: There will be more works soon

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I made an infographic about Aptos Wallets Ecosystem Landscape:

Hope you will like it =)
Also we are doing with Team: Kris Moris and Kartaviy an Ecosystem Website for Aptos : https://movemarketcap.com/
All such infographics about the Aptos ecosystem will be in our Twitter too =)
We want to help develop Aptos :rocket:


Wow. It turned out very bright! :+1:

Since the month is over, we’re going to start voting for the best work of August. Voting will last until September 5.

  • ivanbro
  • boodovskiy
  • thereismyko
  • web3tyan
  • krismoris
  • ragnars

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Can you duplicate links to all these works?