Aptos Incentivized Testnet map

The road to the Aptos mainnet passes through a series of incentivized testnets. During this journey, we look forward to the Aptos community coming together to build a secure, reliable, and decentralized network. Below we describe our timeline along this path, outlining both deliverables and goals. The exact goals and rewards will be published as the registration for the incentivized testnet opens. While this document aims to be exhaustive in the work remaining, we intend to maintain in the timeline due to new opportunities and challenges that are found along the

The primary goal for our incentivized testnets is simple: ensure that this community is ready to launch a production-grade Aptos mainnet. Node operators, developers, auditors, and ecosystem builders alike are all invited to participate and will be rewarded for their contributions toward this goal. Our community will engage in a number of evaluations and drills that validate the outcomes of core developer testing and also prepare us all for mainnet operation. We invite and welcome all feedback across the Aptos community during this exciting time and will host frequent community sessions to listen, iterate, and improve on these plans.


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