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Aptos Hub

Aptos Hub from Nigma Labs

Proect Description

Aptos HUB is an innovative hub on the Aptos ecosystem where everyone can learn about current projects in the ecosystem, table with Retro Drop, Airdrop, Ambassador Program and Testnet

Our goal:
To engage both new audiences and those who already know about the Aptos ecosystem, and make it easy to use Aptos

Our plans:

  1. To move our Hub from Notion to the website.
    1.2 Create a list of popular protocols
    1.3 Create a list of current Retro Drop, Airdrop, Ambassador Program and Testnet
  2. Make a hub for developers with a user-friendly interface and understandable documentation
  3. Create learning tools for everyone who wants to learn about Aptos ecosystem
  4. In the future we plan to create our own NFT collection and our own token which will serve as L2E

Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem

The value of this hub for the entire ecosystem is indescribable, because we will create a platform guide for the entire ecosystem and ordinary users will no longer have to search somewhere on Google or Twitter for projects he needs And plus the hub will have training on the ecosystem, which means people will be more aware of Aptos

Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline

The first stage is the transfer to our own site, as soon as this move happens, we will be able to implement the main functions within 1 month, and after 2-3 months we will have a full-fledged ecosystem inside Aptos


Our team is small, but we are already looking for the right people

Founder: Yehor
Founder of the project, inspirer of ideas
Has about 2 years of experience in crypto

Designer: Ilya
The main designer of the project, has been engaged in design for about 3 years

Content Maker: Vlad
Vlad has been creating and searching for content for over 2 years, he successfully creates content for his employers

Our motivation is to make crypto available to everyone so that there would be no barriers for new people

Right now you can take a look at our Alpha version of the product and evaluate it

We also accept your requests and always welcome your feedback!


Hey, nice project and nice page.
A quick feedback, do it please a little dark :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool idea!!!


a very useful collection of information, it would be great to structure it a little more. Oh yes, a dark theme, as Jovar said, would also be very convenient

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Firstly, I really liked it and I join the black topic, and I also want to note that with such a service it will be much more convenient to search for the information you need!

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@jovar @arcling
Thank you for your feedback and support, we now have a completely dark site theme!

It looks better, thank you!

Looks great. I really like the table with the current airdrops and ambassador programs. I think that in the future it will be possible to categorize it, as the Aptos ecosystem is growing very quickly and there will be many different activities soon😉

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Will you guys also look into creating a single point of collating airdrops for all the Aptos projects?

There will be separate categories: Airdrop, Ambassador Program, Testnet etc.

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upd 29.08.2022
We made the nft section a separate branch and added all the projects we could find there!

Today we analyzed down NFT projects on Aptos by different tiers

We finished writing our Litepaper today, and it’s already available to everyone!

After almost a month we are releasing our hub to the public and + updated roadmap