Aptos hub for Spanish community

         Project Name -  Aptos Comunidad Hispana

Project Description:

The purpose of the project is to gather all the information regarding Aptos in one place, for Spanish speaking folks. It won´t be just a place to collect translations. I want to create an interactive platform for people who want to contribute to Aptos, but have lack of knowledge or tools.


Provide to Spanish speakers all necessary tools and help them contribute to Aptos even if they are newbies


Currenntly I´m working on the web page for a hub. There will be several parts:

  • Tools for beginners
  • Blog translations
  • Interactive roadmap
  • Creative part for designers
  • Space with tutorials for newbies



Wan | Alchemist#8926 - Graphic designer and animator, Coordinator and AIT2 participant.

The project is in the planning stage. Next week the draft of hub will be presented to Aptos team for review and will start filling it with content

Inviting like-minded people for cooperation, programming skills are welcome


Good idea!
I can add your translations to the International Aptos Blog website.

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thank you for the feedback!

Oh, yes, there’s a big field of work here. You need a Spanish team)))

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Want to share with you some screens from the hub´s web page that is almost ready:


i can help with visual communication for the Hispanic community too!
I’m native Spanish


wow, that´s amazing! I´ll send you pm

Front page of hub for desktop version is ready. Mobile version still requires corrections that will be done soon.

You are welcomed to check it and share your opinion: aptoshispano.com

Next steps:

  • filling categories with content
  • “Move Monday” and “Taller de Miércoles” probably will be joined together. Instead will be added a space for community content

It’s cool when communities from different countries get together and make a real product. Continue in the same spirit :sunglasses:

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Last updates:

  • Created new page for Aptos Ecosystem
    Each ecosystem project will have a separate page with detailed information about it.