APTOS has recently launched Move V1.4 and V1.5, bringing in new APTOS token standards like Move objects

As per the official news, APTOS has recently unveiled two significant updates to its Move Framework, namely V1.4 and V1.5.

In the Move Framework V1.4 release, notable improvements have been made to the MOVE standard library. This includes the addition of Fixedpoint64, various mathematical functions like EXP, LOG, Mul_DIV, string formats, and additional internal connection functions. These enhancements aim to enhance the overall functionality and versatility of the framework.

Moving on to the V1.5 update, APTOS introduces the integration of Quorum Store into the main network. Additionally, the introduction of the new APTOS token standard using Move objects has been implemented. This integration allows for the creation of more intelligent, high-performance, elastic, and secure network management. Peer monitoring services are also incorporated into each node to further enhance network efficiency and reliability.

With these advancements, applications leveraging the APTOS Move Framework can now create a diverse range of experiences, including NFTs, game assets, and codeless solutions, all while maintaining complete interface compatibility. This level of flexibility enables applications to tailor their approach to specific token uses or work seamlessly across various tokens, offering developers and users alike a powerful and versatile toolkit to build upon.

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