"Aptos guide" - educational motivational course

Guys, we are working as a team on the “Guide to Aptos” project

and would like to ask your opinion. The guide was conceived as an educational-motivational system according to Aptos in the form of an educational course.

:white_circle: An interactive resource that accompanies a person at the first stages of getting to know the project.
It will be a system of dialogue with a character who, immersed in the story, guides you through the course of study, shares knowledge, gives tasks and feedback (contributions can be verified). That is, a person will not only read the information about what Aptos is - but will also receive the first task - to make the first contribution and send a link to the discord with a report. And so on, moving through the levels with tasks, depending on the topic of the block. These contributions can be checked for quality and relevance to the topic, or exist in the “content” branch on a general basis.

:white_circle:Character: Robot Aptopvers

:white_circle:Educational part: The course will consist of several thematic information blocks.

:white_check_mark: What is Aptos?
:white_check_mark:how to contribute
:white_check_mark:History of Aptos
:white_check_mark:Aptos events
:white_check_mark:Let’s Move (about Move language
:white_check_mark:How to make nodes
:white_check_mark:Aptos ecosystem

:white_circle:Each block will be implemented in the form of informational training material (video, comics, article, infographics)

:white_circle:Further, all materials of the Guide (course blocks) will be placed in the Telegram bot. However, it is possible to post materials on any site (for example, as a chat with a robot on the Aptos forum)

:white_circle: Motivational part: You can introduce a system of rewards for training. For example, participants who have completed the entire course receive a special role that will increase influence in the project.

:question: Do you think the referral would be helpful?
What sections should be added to the training block?


Perfect, look forward to try using it!

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I like the idea of ​​Robot Aptopvers, it’s unique and really worthy of respect. To implement your idea, you need to do a lot of work, with further improvement. It would be cool to design your robot, some kind of little APTOPVERS character, funny smart. Your submission of information for training should be as simple as possible but presentable, + a counter question, in what language will your robot work?

It could develop into something more. I would also add a category of acquaintance with social networks, as well as an analysis of the forum site, how to use this service for communication. In discord, you can create a new branch, to which other members of the Aptos community can be invited. Add a link to the bot in pinned messages. Participants will be able to send their completed tasks to this thread, and other participants will be able to discuss them, write comments and rate them. You can even do summing and awarding points, make an internal structure with ratings. Will be cool!

You can even discuss this idea with the Aptos team, make a reward system, but how exactly do you reward participants in your tasks? need to think well! NFT or? maybe getting new role CONTENT CREATOR???

How do you want to make your bot? Will it be artificial intelligence? Or a guide to questions and immediately answers to them in the bot?

my name is Diana, I’m not a programmer, and I definitely can’t help with robot programming) BUT! I could help you organize your product, help with the discord, come up with an implementation plan and some other cool ideas, develop tasks for content, also challenges, reward systems. I like your idea, maybe I would like to become a small part of the team and be useful to you!

:smiling_face: wait for your answer, thanks!

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Hello! Thank you for your interest!
The main communication with the bot will be in English, like all the main communication within the project.
Yes, we have already developed a character for our guide and added navigation through discord channels and other Aptos social networks to the Aptos guide. Forum navigation is very cool already organized here through a similar system. It would be great to combine them and supplement communication with the robot with educational content

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll keep in mind that you can be approached for such help! We’ll be waiting for the team’s opinion!


i’m happy to be a part of this project! Waiting for team’s feedback!


Cool! Short and clear! I am inspired to write something similar. Something that will be useful to others.


cool, I want to take part in your project re-learning course =)


Can’t wait to try it

this is a very smart idea, this idea must be implemented, by giving understanding to the community and students, aptoz will dominate the world and be used by many people besides the move programming language will be widely used by programmers, besides the aptoz ecosystem will run well