Aptos Grants Wave Four date?

Aptos Grants Wave Three is now closed with the comment: Applications for Wave Three are currently closed - we are in the review process and will open up Wave Four shortly.
Here is the link - Grants - Aptos Foundation

Let’s support (like) this message to ask Aptos Foundation to open the wave four, pls!


Oh, I see it’s possible to Vote here - Let’s VOTE together!?


To open the wave four?

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It’s voted sir, good luck!

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Hey, welcome here, did you receive my invite?

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Good idea, I support you!


Thank you :pray:


Hey @lunin !
Hope you would help me with Aptos grant programs. Are Aptos Grants (Aptos foundation) and DoraHack grants different entities or the same?

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They are different entities as I know

BTW, there is something interesting on Aptos Foundation website, take a look here - Grants - Aptos Foundation

Scroll down and you’ll see this:

Aptos Foundation and Google Cloud partner on an accelerator program offering APT and Google Cloud credits.

The program is designed to support Web3 entrepreneurs and developers to continue building for this industry’s future.

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