Aptos graffio.art

:tada: Aptos Community, we’re celebrating #AptosOne in style! Introducing Graffio: a unique canvas where YOUR art shapes a special commemorative NFT. Dive in and be a part of Aptos history! :art::globe_with_meridians:

Creating with Graffio:
:one: Visit https://graffio.art
:two: Connect via Aptos wallet adaptor, or log in through social media
:three: If logging in socially, create a Graffio Wallet
:four: Add your art to our collective canvas
:five: Return later to your wallet to view your NFT



All done mehn. Let’s go


Thanks for you bro

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done the task, lfg

Fantastic idea. Happy birthday Aptos

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Happy birthday Aptos

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nice option to by remember

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Thank you bro

Been a while man, welcome back, and hell yh, cograts to aptos

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Thanks for the info mate

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