APTOS generation

The Aptos Foundation and web3 investor and accelerator Outlier Ventures have partnered to launch a new Web3 accelerator.

The Aptos Foundation works to promote the growth of the layer-1 blockchain Aptos, by building its network and developer ecosystem.

The in-person program, running out of Palo Alto, California, is set to provide early-stage crypto startups with mentorship, education, and $100,000 in funding.

Teams using Aptos’s Move language across use cases for DeFi, NFTs, and infrastructure projects will also receive customized support.

The Move language, which the Aptos blockchain is built on, allows developers to create smart contracts and was originally created to power Meta’s now-defunct Diem blockchain project.

In addition, participants in the scheme will reportedly receive bespoke support in areas such as “product roadmap, community building, and entity structuring.“

The program kicks off this May and will last for 12 weeks. Applications for the program open today and will close in mid-April, 2023.

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