APTOS GAMES - e sports competition for Aptos community


Hi, I got an idea for an E sports competition here


Everyone loves games, and I thought why such a large area was not affected.

So I have an idea to make regular competitions in different games.

  1. The first time - for starters, just among the community to cheer up and entertain, respectively, these events can be advertised in different publics and social networks.

  2. Then expand this area and attract streamers with an audience to broadcast. This is a huge group of people.

  3. The final story is the creation of permanent teams and participation in professional competitions under the Aptos brand.


The benefits for Aptos are obvious with a million-strong audience from the gaming industry.

Partnerships and recognition at the level of big technological giants, etc.

To participate in the games, you need to pass a small quiz, as you progress to a higher level, the quiz will become more difficult. As a result, gamers will learn the basics of aptos and join the community not only to receive rewards / roles.

I can create a new quizzes or use a ready made materials


To create registration and track championships we can use


In different games, you can hold both individual competitions and team competitions.

I, if I would be coordinator, can monitor the correctness of registrations and games.

We can use games like

Games played in championships

  • CSGO

  • DOTA 2

  • Fortnite

They are free, easy to learn, fun.

There are rules for them.

They can be streamed and combined into videos.

And we can use games like:

https://colonist.io/ - very popular board game KATAN

In the future, you can conduct polls on your preferred games.


I can make a video, posters , and other media materials

I can speak with media sites to share news about that

We can attract gamers from our community to further disseminate information among narrow circles


Can we use roles as rewards, for example Game master?

Any another rewards?


I can create a TG group with discuss about game rules and others, check number of participant

Number of stream

Draft to be continue…

Welcome to share your opinion


This is a very cool offer, I sometimes play cs myself and I would really like to take part in such an event)

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yeah i glad to get support, before go to free web i would be testing this contest in our community

This is a very cool offer, I like it


Good idea, but there also should be mobile segment aswell

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Yeah we can add mobile games too later, i would try with classic games in the beginning

The good idea for PR, HYPE, adoption. We need more info about it.

when csgo?

if you like this idea we will start preparing​:grinning::+1:

This is a very nice offer, I like it

heh interesting idea =) games unite the community? =) I sometimes play counter strike so I’m in.

great I’m working on it and will let you know when it’s ready

This looks pretty good.