Aptos galxe quest

The latest quest of following Aptos team is a welcome development, in turns give the opportunity to get first hand information.
You can interact with it by searching it on galxe space.


You also get OAT , who knows it might play a crucial role


We’re on for something

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The next criteria for Aptos drop might be what people think

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Hello again, tell me where to start a brand new account? Maybe there are articles worth reading?

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What happened to this one you are using

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Nothing happened, I’m new myself, I’m just trying to figure it out

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Oat’s is the reason why im in crypto <:

And what is the reason :smirk:

just love oat’s …

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Are you by any chance Dr. Watson Sherlock 's friend ?

I hope I didn’t offend you

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soon more information)

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thats ok
im really look like dog

i have no friends…

when exactly?

You also get it

I am just keep watching…