Aptos Entertainment Challenge- AEC 2022

Create a short 30 to 40 second video, to express your enthusiasm for Aptos . Make it as clever, artistic, funny, informative, technical or as zany as you like. The content must be clean and free from profanity and must display some connection between what you have chosen to do and Aptos . Sing a song, recite a poem, rap, dance, model some great Aptos fashion idea you came up with the sky is the limit. Explain to the world why Aptos is the one and see how many votes you can rack up! Maybe a prize of some sort for the clip with the most votes, or the most creative. This could be both engaging and fun.


It will look very strange when this flash mob is scattered ! Like a viral video and not a serious project with very serious intentions

Appreciate the input truly, but I think there is very little that could make this project come across as not serious. There is nothing wrong with lightening things up a bit imo and this could be a good way to attract people who are not serious at all about crypto and blockchain and expose them to this undeniably powerful tech! After all there is an element of familiarity with the Meta connection etc and once curiosity is peaked then … Today crypto assets are numbered in the 10’s of thousands, perhaps its time to take a different approach to how we attract new participants and retain current enthusiasts that exist outside of the usual, Twitter and Discord posts and such that mostly attract those who are already interested. Friends with benefits had people use the platform to get access great shows etc and it was only after they ended up with coins that they realized they had interacted with digital currency and web 3. Seeing how easy and cool it was they stuck around and it evolved into what it became. These people were not crypto enthusiasts, but they are now. The amount of projects being introduced have seriously outpaced the current digital asset user base. We need new eyes on this space , rather than re directing the limited eyes that are already on it. This may be a tik-tok style way to do it and once we get new eyes on this, the tech will speak for itself! One of the biggest problems with crypto is that it is waaaaay too serious and being as complex as it can be, it doesn’t exactly scream inclusion when being viewed from the outside in. This seriousness can be intimidating to new comers. The new comers are the answer to the issue of adoption.

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