Aptos Ecosystem

Project Name:
Aptos Ecosystem https://www.aptos.systems/

Project goal:

Popularization of Aptos and the entire Aptos ecosystem.

Media support for each project - site, twitter, linkedin, tiktok, youtube.

Mission to make Aptos ecosystem #1 in terms of growth rate

What problem we are solving - “find all projects and ecosystem news in one place” We want to make a media project, an overview of the entire Aptos ecosystem. Increase the number of active audiences who are interested in ecosystem news and innovations. Free informational support for new ecosystem projects

Already implemented:

It is possible to add projects through the open form Submit Aptos ecosystem project – Aptos Systems.

Blog for articles about Aptos and projects based on it (separate editor role)

Structured sections for the ecosystem (DEFI, NFT other)

Items to increase the number of items

Live search system for several letters of the project

Reached 1150 followers on Twitter in 9 days https://twitter.com/AptosEcosystems

Our immediate goals:

  1. Multilingual website

  2. Improvement of site load speed

  3. more content graphics

  4. Articles about Aptos and different projects ( opportunity for community to write articles about Aptos ecosystem on our site instead of other platforms )

  5. Integration of Twitter feed for each project(on the project page)

  6. Initial code refactoring

  7. Improvement of mobile version of the site

  8. Improvement of the parameter on the speed of processing requests

  9. Work on the basic SEO

  10. Basic marketing work

11.Improvement of service analytics

  1. Daily Twitter news feed with infographics. Active Linkedin page.

  2. Each project’s token price chart

  3. Expand the number of media impressions, coverage of video reviews of the projects in several languages and platforms - YouTube and tiktok.

Probably will be realized:

Automation of information gathering process

Android & iphone app

The site is planned along the lines of https://awesomenear.com plus maximum social media coverage.

Twitter https://twitter.com/CosmosEcosystem

Benefit to the Aptos ecosystem:

The community can find information about all ecosystem projects and their news in one place. Both text and video content

Deliverables & Timeline:

Phase 1: 10,000 followers on Twitter - end of September

Phase 2: 30,000 followers by the end of the year. Final product

The final result and ETA: We’ll be done by the end of 2022? But plan to further develop our Aptos ecosystem media project

Team + past experience:

The team has no experience in building a business in Web3. Consists of two people who are blockchain enthusiasts.

  1. Artsiom Nikalayeu - has experience in building traditional businesses, trading and construction. In the project, he acts as a researcher and information searcher


  1. Artem Put - developer.



The team is located in Poland and Ukraine

Artem Put has an extensive experience in traditional Internet promotion and website creation

Artsiom Nikalayeu is just an active person with experience in traditional business

We already have Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, African, Russian, Persian community gathered around us, who want to help develop the project


Your product is growing fast! So many subscribers, this is a great result! :yum:


I can help to develop the project.

This project is growing fast and well deserved!