Aptos Ecosystem. Two months of results

Our progress over the past two months on the Aptos Ecosystem project

We reached more than :fire:20 thousand followers on Twitter, achieved a high level of citations of our tweets and website, both by major twitter accounts, telegram channels and YouTube bloggers, and small ones. Here are just a few examples below :point_down:


and many others.

Our website https://www.aptos.systems/ is visited by an average of 50 to 200 people per day

Introducing the community to unofficial Twitter and Telegram news accounts that write in different world languages - Turkish, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Persian, etc.

Supported community projects such as Aptos quests, Ambassadors School videos, Move Mondays snippets and more

Helping ecosystem projects increase their visibility. Many people came to the Discords and Tweets of dozens of projects after our tweets.

Asked questions at AMAs with Pontem Network, Movex, Tsunami Finance. Next up are AMAs with Souffl3, ComingChat, Fewcha, Meeiro and several other projects. Our AMAs were listened to by between 120 and 240 people

Supported community projects such as Aptos quests, Ambassador School videos, squeezes from Move Mondays, and several others

Wrote guides on how to use app projects, with the best one getting over 500 likes. Plan to write guides about all projects that launch their app

Making weekly infographics with new projects and a separate infographics with new NFT projects

We want to do a daily news digest of Aptos ecosystem, but we don’t have time for it, because my partner and I are working on non-Web 3.0 projects

Made some mistakes in the process of work, but we try not to make them anymore. I do not really like to conduct handouts, because they bring a lot of bots to the projects, but many projects are asking for it.

Thank you for reading this text. It is very important for us :pray:


Good job. You are moving in the right direction. And thank you for your help in promoting my project! :slightly_smiling_face:

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i think aptos ecosystem is growing like this when mainnet will definitely explode, many say aptos will be the 2nd Solana, i think Aptos will surpass Solana in the future.


Steady grow :muscle:

The Aptos ecosystem is growing very fast, my team and I run the (Aptos Ecosystem) Movemarketcap website and there are already 100+ projects built on Aptos! This is very strong!
You have a good result, well done!

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happy to see you growing

Thanks to Aptos Ecosystem for contributing greatest things. The important part is that Aptos Ecosystem always partnering and helping other projects to grow together.

Greetings from Fewcha Wallet team.