APTOS & Econia: The Future of Defi

Aptos Network’s DeFi expansion into the mainnet has seen remarkable success, boasting a TVL exceeding $60 million. This thriving ecosystem is redefining decentralized trading experiences, rivalling centralized exchanges while operating entirely on-chain.

Leading the Charge :point_down:

  • Kana (@kanalabs): Recently secured funding and offers traders an intuitive order book UI, swap functionalities, and multichain staking.

  • Aries (@AriesMarkets): Enhancing the Aptos DeFi landscape with leveraged swaps, allowing users to magnify trading strategies by borrowing against collateral for atomic swaps.

  • Pontem (@PontemNetwork): Pioneered Gator Trade, an aggregator integrating on-chain order books, enhancing decentralized trading experiences.

  • SwapGPT: Introduced AI-powered liquidity management and the deployment of natural language trading strategies.

Infrastructure Backbone

These advancements are supported by the robust Econia protocol, delivering high-throughput order book infrastructure. Econia empowers atomic swaps on-chain, rapid order cancellations, and diverse execution settings. The synergy between Econia and Kana, Aries, Pontem, and SwapGPT is not only enhancing the trading experience but also reshaping the DeFi landscape, setting new standards for decentralized finance.


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