Aptos dishing the activity users on Aptos forum

Regardless of how big a project is, community should always come first. It’s funny how aptos created a new forum while not considering the formal active forum users. I believe Aptos should do better. The active members of this forum deserves better


They didn’t create a new forum don’t be scam

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Man I don’t even know what to say. It would be bad if they actually set up a new forum and abandon the old tho. Why not develop the old? Why create a new one?

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Controversial hot take, but lacks essential info to prove anything

May I suggest including your source? Link to the “new forum” they created or a screen shot at least?
Or maybe clarify the info you just shared so we understand better?

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They actually did stop saying what you don’t know

It on Twitter saw it too when I asked on discord the mod confirmed same thing it just a shame they neglected people who were active

There is a new forum indeed. Why not just join it?