Aptos Developer Documentation

Welcome! Aptos is a Layer 1 for everyone. In the Ohlone language, “Aptos” means “The People.” This site is here to help you grow a web3 ecosystem project that benefits the entire world through easier development, more reliable services, faster transactions, and a supportive, decentralized family.

This documentation will help you develop applications for the Aptos blockchain, run nodes, and be a part of the blossoming Aptos community. This documentation covers both basic and advanced topics. Here you will find concepts, how-to guides, quickstarts, tutorials, API references, code examples, release notes, and more.

Please note, this site is built from the main upstream branch of GitHub and so therefore reflects the latest changes to Aptos. If you have checked out another branch to use a specific network, the code may not yet have all of the features described here.

Find the latest releases

See the newest Aptos releases in the Latest Releases list and its subpages.

More at https://aptos.dev/


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