Aptos Dashboard

Hi there! :wave:
Had an idea to make a concept of a dashboard for Aptos ecosystem.
I see a lot of talented guys in the community of the project and so maybe someone will be interested to give ideas, so you can connect.

What a dashboard can include:

  • Tasks for the community
  • Node Checker
  • Activities
  • Proposals

I’m attaching an example of what this might look like, join the discussion on what can be added and how it would be right. LFG! :running_man:



This is a very convenient control panel, I just admire your sense of taste)

cool design

Like the idea

I agree, it could be useful

Hey folks! Thanks for the feedback :+1:
Made a little update for the dashboard :eyes:

@kisslovefun nice !
you have created a calendar with completed tasks in the dashboard. maybe can you add another calendar with ideas for your tasks + plans? or notepad) its a good idea?

Ty, seems like a good idea. We can try to add a toggle between the different calendar views :writing_hand:

design looks great, lets deploy

Really good work @kisslovefun!

good suggestions! :wave:
at the moment our ru-community is working on a similar solution (with Russian localization),
perhaps in the future we should share joint ideas and best practices.
let’s keep in touch! :dizzy: