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Hello World! :earth_americas:
Three days ago, I once again re-read the articles on the medium in an attempt to understand how APTOS works, its architecture, logic, etc., I came across the fact that this is a rather difficult process, especially for a person who is not a programmer. A thought popped into my head: :bangbang:
“But what if the information from the articles is presented in a different form? For example, in the form of riddles, rebuses and crossword puzzles?” :question:
As you know, the game method of learning is much more effective than reading books or watching videos.
I was so inspired by this idea that I immediately set about compiling my own crossword puzzle.
For those who don’t know what a crossword is.
:closed_book:Crossword is a game that consists in guessing words according to definitions. Each word is given a textual definition, in a descriptive or interrogative form, indicating a certain word that is the answer. The answer fits into the crossword grid and, thanks to the intersections with other words, makes it easier to find answers to other definitions.
I tried to make it quite complex. To solve it, you need to study not only the APTOS medium, but also the github, as well as articles from the developers. Of course, I cut out the answers to the questions. I hope not everyone can solve it. :blush:
Good luck! :shamrock:
P.S. There may be logical, spelling errors in questions, because. English is not my native language


So its a cool challenge :+1:


:fire: creative approach!

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It’s cool. I will try it. haha, thanks for sharing!

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i am working on it))


looks interesting, i will join