Aptos Community Youtube Channel for UA Community!

Hi everyone
I noticed that the UA community is growing and developing, and i suggest to create non-official UA Community YouTube Channel where we will keep the UA content created by our community in one place.
We will post educational videos in Ukrainian, post translated AMAs and Community Calls there. Only educational and useful videos to educate about the project further!


Hi there @miller!
Glad to see more and more ideas from the Ukrainian community. Now I have a slightly different idea, which is to create a huge informational resource, which will also have a part of animation videos, or videos from AMA, Workshops, etc. It would be cool if you could share your opinions and ideas here:

Of course, if you are interested, and your level is high enough, we can discuss the details of the work at all.
Thanks, and good luck.


thank you for your feedback!
I am glad that you are working on the similar ideas!
Let’s work on it together!


Hi there @miller.
If you have skills and ideas, feel free to message me at DM - 0xGolden#6740.


Good postsbdhh😍

good idea bro