📝 aptos community poll

🫶🏻 Greetings from web3tyan, I am happy to be present in the community!
:woman_student:t3: I’m currently working on doing my own research, gathering material of personal opinions from other members. I’m working on publishing a video summarizing all my investigations. Based on my objectives I have prepared for the project, which will involve the audience in the discussion in discord, bringing more interaction!

I am ready to present you a QUIZ for the community, which includes 9 interesting generalized questions about the project! :tipping_hand_woman:t3::grey_question:
(You can find the questions in the pictures.)

The problem: after tracking in the branches and chats discord I faced a huge amount of banal daily phrases like “hello everyone, good morning, good night, have a nice weekend”, as well as questions of this nature: “when does testnet registration start, how to get into testnet”, etc.
Objective: to add variety to communication.
Solution: create a Quiz with interactive questions, provide opportunities for other participants to participate.
Purpose: to communicate with other community members on interesting topics, to get a personal opinion.

**Will it benefit the project? - Yes! :raised_hands:t2: ** The opinion of the community is of great value to the project, so the answers will make a big difference to the team. By examining the answers the team receives valuable information about new ideas and tips that can help the promotion and improvement of the company.

The questions are not difficult, there are no right answers. If you can’t answer all 9 questions or even one! I ask everyone to take the initiative, I would be very grateful to hear your opinion and communicate with you!
Duration: 03.08.2022 - 14.08.2022

How to participate?
**A) Replying to comments in the forum. **
B) replying in a thread in discord.
How to find a branch in discord QUIZ? How to join?
go to Aptos discord >> category “Community” branch “general” >> press tab “general” (it means hold 2 seconds on this value " >> go to “Threads” >> go to QUIZ for community
Congratulations! Now you can share your answers!

In case the participants are satisfied and the quiz gathers a lot of positive feedback, I will be happy to develop the next quiz, I work for the idea and my own interest, because people’s opinions really matter to me, and the project too. :handshake:t2:

Thank you all, I look forward to your comments, dear friends!
produced by @web3tyan

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Oh new quiz, great! But what is the best way to get through it, it turns out, through the discord?

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I think yes, will be better! But if you want answer here you also can!