Aptos Community Mascot [unofficial challenge] (CLOSED)

Imagine if all the multilingual Aptos communities had one mascot to inspire them? Something that will evoke positive :sunny:, joyful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: emotions when you look at it.

Together with @vadim_ragilo (dscrd: Vadim Ragilo#0812) we are pleased to offer you a challenge that can unite the entire Aptos community under one inspiring image - the Aptos Community Mascot.

Please consider, this is UNOFFICIAL challenge. It is hosted by community members for the community. :white_heart: :black_heart:

If you think about the mascots of famous companies – it immediately becomes clear that they bring life to the brand. They make it unique and memorable. They make it dynamic.


One must also remember how important communities are in crypto projects and the images around which they unite.

Снимок экрана 2022-08-03 в 23.15.07
Aave mascot

Creating a mascot is even cooler than making a great meme - you need to get a sense of the project, be part of its community and understand what it breathes.
But it’s also true that a great idea can come by chance and when we see it we say - this is it. That’s what this challenge is about.

Challenge Rules:

  1. Make a brief description of how you see the Aptos community mascot (its behaviour, character, clothing style… etc.).
  2. Attach a picture OR draw by hand (must be in Aptos brand colors - brandkit here).
  3. Give it a name.
  4. Have fun!

Post your best work, but feel free to do couple more if you like. (couple)

Where to post:

  1. To the Aptos Discord Channel #design (link). Please post a short description + picture + Mascot’s name. (so that you might receive a “Designer” role if your work is high quality)
  2. Here in the comments under this post. Please also post a short description + picture + Mascot’s name. (so that your work will be visible here, voted on, and not get lost)
    important Please provide here a link to your Discord message with your Mascot from the #design channel . important

The reactions that your post collects will be counted in some way.
Start date NOW
End date (we certainly need the end date): the 28th of August

The top 8 entries will go to the team for review, and then the top 3 entries will be put to a vote here on the forum for THE TOP 1 to be selected.

@boyu, @takeshi_tgal, @mikbohr21, @wan-alchemist, guys, as active representatives of your language communities, we ask that you spread the word about this Challenge in your language channels. Let the mascot be truly international.

Chosen by the community and the team, the mascot has an interesting future ahead of it, absolutely! (stickers, stickers and stickers again… and NFTs)*

If you have questions, feel free to ask me or @vadim_ragilo here or in discord (ihar#7824, Vadim Ragilo#0812). We look forward to your participation! :white_heart:

Please consider, this is UNOFFICIAL challenge. It is hosted by community members for the community. :white_heart: :black_heart:



I will start. :star_struck:

“Flying Racer”
description: this Flying Racer is just as fast and just as lightweight as the Aptos. And he is MOVE ing.

[discord message link]


great idea! I´ll definitely participate and encourage Spanish community to do the same :wink:

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All your crazy ideas are welcome! :smile: :rocket:


Thank you, we’re so glad you got the idea :blue_heart:, we’d love to see your options for Muscot Aptos :sunglasses: :handshake:

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Hier my Aptos Mascot :panda_face:
My Mascot loves the Aptos community and is happy to help you!


Check out my Aptos mascot. His name is Peperone and he’s a gangster


Here is another one!
Zhan Pier Zhabik
This is Jean-Pierre Bandito. He was the President of the USA :rofl:


lol brutal


Very similar.))) This is creative approach. Someone has a talent)))

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To participate, just think what associations you have with the Aptos logo or name, with its branding.
The symbol that comes to you will probably be a great mascot! Just describe it and find a similar picture on the Internet (or draw it by hand). :art:
Then just collect the reactions of the community to your beautiful work! :white_heart: :black_heart:


Flyer is peacefully floating over all the worlds under the bosom of the sleeping moon

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Love this. Let me think of some ideas

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how you made this picture? Is photoshop? Or is Nft? Is it your picture?

Is there a winner? :trophy:

I did it in photoshop. Pixel pepe, which I may turn into NFTs in the future :innocent:

i should learn how to do this)

nope. due to lack of participation now is closed.

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is there a winner?

No, my friend