Aptos community expected airdrop 2.0

Congratulations to everyone who was able to participate in the previous $APTOS airdrop!

For those who missed out, don’t worry. You have another chance to position yourself for the upcoming @Aptos_Network second airdrop.
Lets discuss how …

Find out why @Aptos_Network might perform another airdrop. In accordance with their tokenomics, @Aptos_Network has set aside 51.02% of the total supply for the community.
As of right now, only 20 million tokens have been distributed to 110,235 early testnet users, according to @CoinMarketCal.

So specifically, there are still 49,021,7359 $APTOS available for the community. That is approximately $4,710,988,819.99 at the present time.
There will be many requirements to meet in order to qualify for another drop, including generating volumes, running nodes, and many others.

We will discuss the community badges in @Aptos_Network’s discord in this thread, drawing inspiration from @SuiNetwork’s airdrop.
Now let’s head to get some @Aptos_Network badges. Shall we?

Simply go to Aptos and register with your discord or email. However, to avoid future problems, make sure that your email and Discord’s email are identical
After signing in to your account, let’s earn each badge one at a time. Let’s start by completing our profiles.

You can upload your photo, a banner, and additional information like your DOB and bio.
You can upload your profile picture, DOB, and location from here and write a self-introduction.
The main goal of this is to increase community interaction, earn badges, and increase trust levels.

You can raise your trust rating by responding to community posts, reading them, and offering feedback.

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Also view this for help
Watch the full video: Aptos Potential AIRDROP 2.0?? How to Qualify in 2023 - YouTube


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