Aptos Collective

What’s the latest news from the Aptos Collective? :eyes:

The inaugural members have been onboarded and welcomed! :wave:

We’re excited to grow the program with fun and creative ways the Collective can support the ecosystem.

For more updates, tap into the details below:

Get ready to meet the members! We’ll soon be introducing the Aptos Collective new members on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

We’re excited to spotlight these top community supporters and highlight contributors you can trust with the latest Aptos updates.

If you applied to the program and haven’t heard back, don’t worry! Our community team will soon be reaching out to more applicants to bring them onboard.

:blue_heart: We appreciate everyone’s patience and active participation while the next round of acceptances rolls out.

Stay tuned!

With the above informations, it is clear that there are still great plans ahead that’s yet to be executed, are you excited for what’s coming?

Show it with your linea on this post :blue_heart:

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Looking forward to apply and get picked.

Can’t really wait.

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