Aptos Coinlist + API - automatic list of registered coins

We came a long way from building our initial version of Aptos coinlist tracker.

:sparkles: We are now LIVE on MAINNET (and also on testnet and devnet). :sparkles:
:point_right: MoveKit.net :point_left:

You can checkout the list on:
:point_right: MoveKit.net :point_left:

API Endpoint, Example and Docs:
:point_right: Aptos Coin List Docs :point_left:

:sparkles: Project Description :sparkles:

  • Coin List Tracker is a service tracks active coins on Aptos blockchain and exposes an easy to use API for fetching and searching (autocomplete etc) coins. This includes tracking devnet, testnet and mainnet clusters.

  • For now coin info is gathered automatically, but plan is to gather all info that is needed for dApps on Aptos to use, such as logo url and trusted status (if coin has been verified, this will help dApp’s users to avoid scam or untrusted coins).

  • We now gather logo, CoinGecko ID and trust status.

:sparkles: Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem :sparkles:

  • As we worked on other chains we know the importance of having up-to-date and trusted source of coin (token) list.
  • We see this as an important not only for dApps but also for whole community, as it will help new projects to be discovered more easily and on the other hand it will help users be more informed about assets that they use.

:sparkles: Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline :sparkles:

  • We already are serving live version of our service that tracks devnet, testnet and mainnet clusters.
  • Work with community on fine-tuning what info about coin they require the most, creating some a standard for coin list.
  • Also by that time we plan on creating a workflow for validating coins/projects which would include gathering their coin logo url which will improve usefulness when displaying coins in UI.
  • Expanding and optimising our service to keep track up with increased TPS expected on mainnet.
  • We have in plan to create more useful and core services that will help Aptos community and ecosystem, this is just a start, and 2-3 more services are in pipeline already, we will launch our β€œMoveKit” website with services, docs etc. and we hope to serve ecosystem with innovations and quality.

:sparkles: Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation :sparkles:

  • Currently we are a small team of few with extensive web2 history and experience with Solana blockchain where we already seen what it takes for community to form and what dApps need to speed up and help their development.
  • We believe that by exposing small and useful tools with ecosystem is a great way of making it better and innovative, and discovering new and interesting ideas that come from creative minds using such tools in ways we didn’t think about.

:sparkles: Key Risks & Challenges :sparkles:

  • We don’t currently foresee any major challenges, our main focus will be on scaling and high-availability, this will require solid and smart architecture which comes with its fees.
  • Goal is to never be in situation where we impact others by having our services experiencing downtime, which is no small thing to achieve.

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