Aptos Chinese Community

project description:
Within a week, I had the idea to create an Aptos Chinese social media platform to translate official articles into various languages of the world. Chinese is one of the branches and focuses on the Chinese-speaking area.

The main goal is to give people easy access to articles written in their native language.
No need to go through a VPN to do this.

Team: zhang#8618
Founder: @a2724653039 (twitter)
Discord: zhang#8618

Practical roadmap:

2022, Q3:
Integrate the largest social media in Chinese: Weibo (https://weibo.com/u/7721716038)
Established Aptos Chinese Weibo Group 1 and Weibo Chaohua.

User fan growth:
More than 1000 people are planned to follow us and are committed to breaking down language barriers.

Problems and Dilemmas:

These are all my personal ideas, and I want to find the corresponding talents in the community to complete these things together, if there are ideas. You can leave a message in the comment area, welcome to discuss.

Wow thank you for this

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