Aptos Campaign on Galxe! Ending on 12th December 2023

Aptos just launched a campaign on Galxe that will end on 12th December 2023. Don’t sleep on it guys!!!. If you want to spend 1 $Apt for Aptos names, then you should use a longer name for your Aptosnames, then rush and do the campaign on Galxe using Petra wallet. Remember some vested tokens will be released on the 12th. Be hopeful and positive cos I feel this could be part of the criteria for airdrop 2.0


I do not think Aptos will do a 2nd drop.
We were also expectant when some tokens were unlocked last month, yet we didn’t get anything.
But I am still hopeful though, I am still participating and hopefully something good comes out of it.

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Impossible is nothing


I hope it suffices