Aptos Bring A new Campaign, And is there any Potential Airdrop?

I was new in here on Aptos, Last i remember about Aptos is they give community massive Airdrop ever with just a simple testnet task. and im not join the last Aptos airdrop before because i didnt even understand what is Wallet and what is Testnet Project? what is Airdrop, what is snapshot, i just start and learn that after there was Aptos comes viral in Airdrop Community. so will this gonna be phase 2 soon :thinking:? maybe. its good to gather new people like me to join the project. Aptos is Big Project :rocket:. i hope with Aptos can bring something new. Thanks for just reading this unnecessary post :rofl:. TOGETHER WITH APTOS :two_hearts: :rocket:


Sure, trust aptos on this


APTOS it is

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thanks informations sir


@tyalokaa…just tagging to get the badge

its just getting started…

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same me too :grinning:

APTOS has the best community. :innocent: