Aptos Bridge Optimism Bridge Problem

I am trying to bridge my WETH to Optimism from Aptos Bridge or Thala. Although I have 7 APT as gas on my APTOS chain and 0.0088 ETH on Optimism , it is giving me “NOT ENOUGH GAS FOR NATIVE” warning and I can not initialize the transfer. Am I missing a point here ?

(I have sent Aptos from Arbitrum first)

Any help would be appriated.


Hey Mate,

try the following:


Set “gas on destination” to 0 …

Should go through

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Thank You.

But the same on tsunami too like AprosBridge and Thala.

On Arbitrum , it takes about $3 fee.

That’s why I am also trying to look for Optimism option.
Not Native for Gas


Perhaps swap the WETH first to USDC (layerzero) on Pancakeswap and bridge it from there on?


I have looked from liquidswap to swap for USDC(LayerZero) but it cuts about $7 fee to swap… It is better for me to send directly to Arbitrum as WETH .

AptosBridge Gas Fee

Will it take any other fee in the background other than it shows on the final page on the above ?


I have asked on LayerZero discord. A work is going on Optimism Network for AptosBridge. That’s why it does not let me. It would cost about 20 APT as fee they said. Because I only have 7 APT. And they dont know how much time will it be like this for maintenance…

Thanks for your help and suggestions.


waiting for team fix it

They could not give exact time.

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No problem mate, thanks for the information!


wow , the pathway is still under maintenance after about 2 - 3 months.

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