Aptos Blockchain Revival

Over the year some of us have being waiting for the launch of Aptos since the announcement of Aptos program to explore the chain. Immediately after launch there were lot going on the chain which was all ‘rosy’, the whole community was very alive and Aptos NFT were doing great, but with time we notice how everything died off. My only question was what really happens ? is it that people are still focused on EVM compatible chain or the builders in Aptos community aren’t building enough. I know the team are working to revive the hype of the chain. I am suggesting the team should provide a massive ‘PR’ (probably an airdrop) so every web3 users attention should be on Aptos, follow by introductions of blockchain activities like the gaming, NFT, program about web3 etc. projects need to be check because there are lot of rug projects in the chain and finally the team should provide what we (web3 users) haven’t see in this space that will blow everyone minds. Aptos to the moon